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Welcome to 6th Grade History
Ancient Civilizations
Mrs. Spring Acker
Room F2

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Join Google Classroom
Parents/guardians are encouraged to join Google Classroom to receive updates as to what is going on in our classroom.  If you are interested, email me at  In your email, provide your child's name, his/her class period, your name, and your email address.  Once I receive this information, I will send an invite out to you.  Homework, assignments, announcements, etc. will be posted primarily on Google Classroom.

Homework assignments typically consist of a weekly Geography Practice packet.  I will teach the skill on Monday (or whatever the first day of the week is that week) and we will complete the first set of questions.  The students are responsible for completing the rest of the packet and returning it on Friday.  The Challenge Questions are optional.  If your child loses his/her packet, he/she will need to find a way to complete the work.  I will not give out extra copies.  The students are responsible for getting the packet and turning it in on time.  Absences will not excuse homework.  Late work will be accepted up until the following Friday, with a one-point deduction for each day late.  Homework is intended to give the students a chance to practice skills and vocabulary learned in class and build confidence in this subject area.  Homework will count for 10% of the final marking period grade.  Due dates and assignments will be posted on Google Classroom.

Welcome Letter/General Information

Class information was sent home in a letter on the first day of school, August 30.  You can find a copy at the following link:
The  following link gives access to the letter given out at Open House and sent home to those families unable to attend:
Open House 2017.docx

Materials Needed for Each Class Period
- 2 inch or larger 3-ring binder
-Composition notebook (NOT spiral bound)
- Pencils
- A book to be read for pleasure
-Other general supplies (glue sticks, coloring materials, etc.) should be kept in a supply/pencil case to travel from class to class