Ms. Scancella


Welcome to 6th Grade Language Arts! My name is Gina Scancella and this is my 15th year of teaching. I have been teaching in Bristol Township School District since graduating from West Chester University in 2001. I have taught all elementary grades and this is my first year of teaching 6th grade in the middle school setting. I am looking forward to teaching in Armstrong Middle School and being a part of this amazing staff and school community.

6th grade English Language Arts will include reading and analyzing fiction and nonfiction texts, including articles, short stories, poems, and novels. We will also focus on grammar skills, vocabulary, and writing.

This class runs for two periods a day. One class period will focus on analyzing texts and reading skills, and the other will focus on writing and responding to texts.

Please access the parent portal, which is on Icampus, for weekly updates on tests, homework, and classwork grades. The materials needed for class are:

       A 3 subject notebook, labeled with your child’s name and ELA

       Pocket folder

       Scissors and Glue sticks (these will be used for interactive reading notebooks)

       Colored Pencils/Crayons for editing

**All students are expected to join our Google Classroom and are required to log on each night. Assignments and due dates will be posted. Homework is always assigned Mon-Thursday, any changes will be noted in Google Classroom. Google Calendar for the class will reflect when journal entries are due. Journal entries will be completed using Google Docs. **Parents are also expected to join. To do so, please click on the "Google Form" link below and complete the form with your name and email address. I will then send you an invitation to join our class. Google Form Or you can simply email me with your child's name, your name and email address and I will send you an invitation to join.