Cafeteria News

Cafeteria News
Posted on 02/15/2014
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My name is Susan DeRosier and I am the Cafeteria Manager for the 2015-1016  school year.

 All of the kitchens are now computerized.  You may put money in your child’s account by cash, check, money order, or online.  This money can also be used for snacks.

  If your child was a student in Bristol Township Schools last year and was free or reduced, this will carry over.  However, there is a deadline.  To avoid being cut off, please fill out your forms as soon as possible. 

 If your child forgets their lunch/money, they may charge for a lunch.  This is expected to be paid back promptly.  I do charge slips every two to three weeks.  If I notice a pattern, I may call home.

 If you want any restrictions placed on your child’s account such as, “No Borrowing”, “No Snacks”, etc., please let me know by a phone call or a note.

 If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 215-945-1665.


 Susan DeRosier