Mrs. Schultz

Welcome to READ 180 ELA 7th Graders!
& Welcome Back to Read 180 ELA 8th Graders!
Mrs. Schultz

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Happy Fall Everyone! So far our year is going Great!

Classroom Expectations:

R-Respect (listen when others are speaking, use manners)

O-Organized (bring all materials, come to class on time)

C-Cooperative (follow directions, complete work on time)

K-Kind (Listen to all questions and comments; help others when appropriate)

S-Safe (Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself)


Assignments will be written on board.  Students will be given time to write assignments down and encouraged to write them down.

Grading Policy:

  • - When used as an assessment only.

  • - Will be used for certain writing assignments; can be submitted several times to achieve better grade.

  • Essays - Will count as either a test grade or classwork grade (depending on assignment); brainstorms, graphic organizers, and rough drafts will also count toward the grade.

  • Quizzes and tests - Study guides will be given

  • Homework - Digital and written (All students will join my google classrooms once IPADS are distributed)

  • Classwork - Participation is important for learning; Independent reading; READ 180 software


Homework- 7th grade 

  * Scholastic Action assignments started in class should be finished for homework if necessary
* Mayflower Myth questions due tomorrow 11/22

Homework 8th grade

* Mayflower Myth questions due tomorrow 11/22

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