Mrs. Rosta


Mrs. Rosta

I teach a combined 7th and 8th grade Supplemental Life Skills class.

           Welcome to F3.  Please read the following information to help you become acquainted with our class.


Classroom Expectations:

R-Respect (listen when others are speaking, use manners)

O-Organized (bring all materials, come to class on time)

C-Cooperative (follow directions, complete work on time)

K-Kind (Listen to all questions and comments; help others when appropriate)

S-Safe (Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself)


Assignments will be written on board at the end of the day to be written down by students in their orange homework folders. We check and sign every day. Most homework is designed for your child to do independently. I provide study guides before most tests, and students are expected to get them signed for a homework grade.