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Welcome to our classroom.  Please read the following information to help ypu become acquainted with our ELA class.

*Check out the useful links tab for resources connected to what we are learning in class.

In addition, the link for the 2 ELA programs we often use can be found there.

Classroom Expectations:

R-Respect (listen when others are speaking, use manners)

O-Organized (bring all materials, come to class on time)

C-Cooperative (follow directions, complete work on time)

K-Kind (Listen to all questions and comments; help others when appropriate)

S-Safe (Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself)


Assignments will be written on board.  Students will be given time to write assignments down and encouraged to write them down.  

Grading Policy:

  • - When used as an assessment.

  • - Will be used for certain writing assignments; can be submitted several times

  • Essays - Will count as a test grade; brainstorms, graphic organizers, and rough drafts will also count toward the grade.

  • Quizzes and tests - Study guides will be given

  • Homework - Digital and written

  • Classwork - Participation is important for learning; Independent reading; READ 180 software

  • Materials:
  • Spiral notebooks: Will be used for morning journals and various writing assignments

  • Composition books: Throughout the school year, students will create interactive notebooks.  Students are expected to remain on task and maintain a neat and organized notebook.

  • READ 180 books, Literature Books, and Grammar books.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me.  You can email me, write me a note, or call the school. I will contact you as soon as possible.

I look forward to a rewarding year with your child.

Regina Mazzocchi